When I was 12 to 13 years old. [My Journey] @AdamAshwinLee

When I was 12 to 13 years old.

So, I am skipping a few hospital admissions. I am getting to a stage when in life when my mental health is becoming very bad. I am now around 12 years old and sat in CAMHS and one of the doctors in my care said to me, you have Bipolar disorder. Woah that was very confusing and strange to find out. I am now 13 and have been admitted to the open unit in Sheffield again, this time I was on a Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. I remember the night before something really scary happened I was begging the doctor of the ward to never send me to the secure units. The next morning I was manhandled out the hospital and taken in a van to Bury, Manchester. It was a secure unit. It was the most scariest thing to happen. After everything what people have told me about secure units it was very scary. I remember being searched for anything what was prohibited and restricted items. I was then taken to the ward and was going through all the paperwork. There was a mental health nurse who was really nice and always was honest about how things went and was done. He told me the basics of the people on the ward. I entered the ward and was very scared and anxious. That night I started fighting staff and was taken to the wards seclusion room and was locked in there for the night. I was banging and kicking the door, the door was a big steel door, basically a prison cell designed door. I was out the next morning but long story short, for the first month I was constantly attacking staff and harming myself and locked in seclusion for most of the month. The second month I was starting to calm down and my self harm was reducing. The third month I was preparing myself to get discharged. I was so much better, but not 100%. I was a low risk patient and was released to the community and was under close supervision of CAMHS.

When I was 13-14 coming soon. Am I still doing well though?


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