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When I was 13-14 years old.

(Will be adding more to this post soon)

So I have been discharged for about 4 or 5 months… I am starting to relapse and get unwell. I was taken to Accident and Emergency. The police was surrounding me. I was trapped in a room and I remember being so depressed and crying. I was put in an ambulance with a police officer escorting me. I remember being in reception while the police gave my section 3 paperwork through the counter. I remember thinking about grabbing the paperwork and destroying it, I didn’t though. I was like, I’m back again, damn! It was around evening time when I was put on the ward. I wanted to ring my mum but in the hospital they had to approve who you spoke to, which was quite distressing at that moment in time. I remember all the chaos just coming back to me as I went to my room. It was tough being back in such a dark place. In some ways I think it did help but in a lot of ways it was not the best place for me to be in. I was in seclusion a lot for the first month and was completely drained. Being in a environment like that is very strange especially when you get out of there. If there was no seclusion room available I was held down for hours and hours. Some people was taken off the young people’s site to the adult hospital which was on the same grounds but separate buildings. I was never taken to the adults though which probably best as it could be quite distressing being dragged there. At one point me and a few other patients was planning an escape on our group leave. I was starting to get a bit better so the reality ¬†of he plan was questioning if I should do it or not. I am not around the end of my stay at hospital and I have come back off home leave and I was not sure if I was getting discharged on that day. I said to a staff member that I am going to check I have everything out of my room and a new patient walked out. That gave it away that I was getting discharged. I was signed off my section 3 and now back home!

What is going to happened on 14 to 16 years old? Keep checking and sorry for the delay on this post. :)

  1. I've been in the mental health unit .. it's hard to stay out once you are in that cycle .. if you dont want it .. make the decision not to go back by identifying the point at which that will happen, then look at the two days before that, that is where you will find your answer about what is upsetting you so badly that you end up on that path .. whatever it is, remove it from the equation of your life. I can only hope this helps as Mental Health System is no place for a child if there is any other alternative. You should be out having fun.

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