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My feeling’s around Secure Units

What I think is secure units can be good for some people but it is very restricting. There is a lot of everyday things you can’t have and do. If you are sectioned on the mental health act you have to have a Doctor sign a legal document to say you can leave the hospital for a certain period of time. I feel that it can be very stressful being locked up even if it is a hospital. How they deal with psychical violence or self harming behaviours, I do not agree with. I can see at the time it is mostly needed. For someone like me when I got out of hospital for the first time, I did not like anyone touching me because I was so anxious and quite traumatised by it all. I think secure units can also be quite good for people who need structure throughout there recovery, a lot of this links to open units. Another bad thing was, although I can’t say for other secure units or environments, the phone room to call people who is approved on your call list is just a square room with a chair. I could just about fit in the room it was that small. Another bad thing is there is no toilet seat on the toilet, it felt, although it was cleaned, very unhygienic to use.

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