PT.1 My feelings and concerns within the UK Mental Health System.

So these posts are going to be put in parts as its a long and complicated to cover. On this part I will discuss the community services for mental health on young people.

The mental health system in the UK for young people in the community setting is not that great depending on somethings. One point is when you are in hospital and then get discharged the support is not great. I didn’t really like the hospital services for mental health and has and still is very traumatic to think about. In hospital you can see the difference in the intense support to then weekly to monthly community support. I am not complaining about that but for some people who really need that after care, I can see it is not enough. I feel this needs to be dealt with better as there is not enough support for the people in the community who have been discharged.

Look out for PT.2 coming soon. :)

Adam Ashwin Lee :)

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