A message about bullying! Written by – @AdamAshwinLee

Not just people with mental health problems can be a victim of bullying. Anyone can be a victim of bullying. I feel that people who bully others are just cowards and are running away from the real problem, themselves and something in there life. I do not think there is no reason, but it never makes it right to make someones life a living hell, making them look over there shoulder, make them feel like harming themselves, pushing them to suicide, like there is no one to talk to. I am currently watching the EastEnders storyline and thinking to myself, how could anyone write on someones head, smash someones guitar and knowing its something so precious to them and are so good pretending to people, but when everyone is gone, they can be so vile towards the victim. Yes I know EastEnders is just a show but to be honest, this is happening all the time. Comment what you think should be done about bullying, what can be improved and if we could educate young people more, especially at a younger age. #LetsEndBullying

-Adam Ashwin Lee.

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